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Best Mushroom Powder Blend

Best Mushroom Powder Blend

At Dr Noel's Mushroom Powder, we ensure that we provide the best mushroom powder blend. We strive hard to bring you the finest range of mushroom powder and its variety that will help your body, mind and soul. The only way to become the most optimal version of yourself is to be you. And, that is exactly what we try to achieve.

We're on a mission of empowering as many people as we can with an integrated approach to offer the best mushroom powder blend, which is not only medicinal but also organic. We believe that if individuals are able to access the most effective equipment, know-how and tools, they can be empowered to reach their maximum human potential, resulting in an entire movement for the benefit of everyone.

Here’s how we make the best mushroom powder blend for our customers.

All bioactive substances found in medicinal mushrooms are stored within the cells of the mushrooms; the cell walls consist of chitin which is the substance that forms the exoskeletons of crabs, lobsters and prawns. Humans are unable to degrade the chitin in our bodies which is why we need to heat it up using boiling water for cooking the mushroom, steaming them to sterilise the mushrooms, grilling them or making tea. Other methods include extraction using alcohol or dual extraction, using boiling hot water with alcohol. These methods all extract polysaccharides, such as beta-glucans, from the mushrooms.

Our powders for mushrooms are made of the entire fruiting body of the mushroom that contains the majority of beta sugars. The production of some supplements from mushrooms is by grinding the mycelium that was cultivated in brown rice. The mycelium that is left on the grain is a small number of beneficial compounds. In our method, the entire mycelium is dried, then screened, milled, and granulated before being steam sterilised at a temperature of 110° Celsius for 40 minutes. The resulting best mushroom powder blend is cleaned and packaged. Contact us today to get your organically grown best mushroom powder blend.

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