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Cordyceps Militaris Extract Powder

Cordyceps Militaris Extract Powder

The super range of products offered at Dr Noel's Mushroom Powder is formulated to provide strong nutrients to the body and mind in a contemporary easy to use form.

We are adamant about the power of natural healthy living, which is fueled by functional mushrooms and herbs as the solution to contemporary health problems.

Our foundation is based on quality. With our finest ingredients, we rigorously test the purity of each of the final products, including herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful substances. So, all you get is pure Cordyceps Militaris Extract Powder. We don't make use of fillers or synthetic substances in any of our supplements!

Our products are safe. You can rest assured that the Cordyceps Militaris Extract Powder we offer is of the best quality and is guaranteed to contain bioactive nutrients. We work with a sense of awareness and employ ethical practices and only make use of only natural and non-preservative ingredients that are made with sustainable methods. We aren't only concerned with the quality and potency of the ingredients, but also that the method of preparation and blending while making Cordyceps Militaris Extract Powder is just as crucial.

In order to increase bioavailability as well as absorbance of the nutrients in Cordyceps Militaris Extract Powder, we utilise traditional preparation techniques as well as traditional ingredients. We harvest the mushrooms with our hands and do not use any tools. Studying and researching for more than 50 years in this segment, we have received a number of awards and accolades. We are USDA Organic Certified, European Union Organic Certificate, Food Safety System 22000 Certificate and Kosher Check Certificate. Contact our team today and get your Cordyceps Militaris Extract Powder from Dr Noel’s Mushroom Powder.

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