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Chaga Mushroom Powder Australia

Chaga Mushroom Powder Australia

Dr Noel's Chaga Mushroom Powder in Australia is 100 per cent pure and concentrated powders for mushrooms. Our products are made of organically certified mushrooms. With Chaga Mushroom Powder in Australia, we have a range of products.

Provably rigorous testing protocols are used throughout the making of Dr Noel's Chaga Mushroom Powder in Australia. Our tests include testing for

  • Microbial contamination
  • Pesticide residues
  • Heavy metals

Furthermore, each lot of mushroom that is used to create our Chaga Mushroom powders in Australia contains an unassailable amount of beta-glucans. Dr Noel's Mushroom Powders come from whole fruiting bodies that are grown organically using standardised processes for harvesting, growth and drying as well as packaging to ensure a consistent product.

That's why all of our mushrooms are sustainable and ethically harvested from their natural forest habitat, as they have been for many thousands of years. You can rest assured knowing that all Dr Noel's Chaga Mushroom Powders in Australia are exactly as they claim to be organically grown of the highest quality powders on the market, always rich in bioactive compounds and backed with independent studies and assurance certificates which are readily available for evaluation.

While each species is influenced by the seasons and its location in the present, only Chaga, as well as Turkey Tail, are wild-grown in the forest. The Chaga, as well as our Turkey Tail mushroom, are collected and taken from the Heilongjiang Daxing'anling and forest. These mushrooms, Reishi, Shiitake and Maitake, along with Lion's Mane, are ethically grown in greenhouses and on sawdust that has been sterilised from indigenous timbers like Beech Organic rice, Rice grain and wood chips.

When the mushrooms reach maturity, they are picked by hand and taken to the laboratory for testing, drying and grinding into powder. While our five decades of research has stood strong against odds, you can rely on us to provide you with the best Chaga Mushroom Powder in Australia.

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