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Who are we

Dr Noel’s Mushroom Powder is collaboration between two expert microbiologists, who share a love for organic sustainable mushrooms and who have been growing and studying them for over 50 years.

Dr Noel Arrold

Dr. Noel Arrold is a mushroom grower and microbiologist based in the Southern Highlands of NSW. He has been a pioneer in the development of the exotic mushroom industry in Australia for over 30 years. His company Li-Sun Exotic Mushrooms has been growing mushrooms including Swiss Brown, Shiitake, Oyster, Chestnut, Shimeji, Wood Ear, Enoki, and King Browns in a one kilometre long disused railway tunnel in Bowral. Over the years, Dr Noel has received multiple awards and accolades, including Delicious Magazine NSW Producer of the Year in 2018 and Vogue NSW Producer of the Year in 2008.

Xingli Wang  

Xingli Wang is an Australian citizen, grower and microbiologist who owns farms in the remote regions of China, growing and producing exotic mushrooms, in their natural habitat. She has been producing and exporting the highest quality organic, sustainable and 100% pure medicinal mushroom powders for over 19 years.

Dr Noel and Xingli met at an International Mushroom Conference in 1998 and have been firm friends and colleagues for over 22 years. Xingli worked and studied at Dr Noel’s farm for over 2.5 years, before returning to China in 2002 to launch her own organic certified medicinal mushroom farms and greenhouses. Her business is located in Lishui in the Zhejiang province, a region known as the birthplace for Maitake, Shiitake and Reishi. Lion’s Mane are cultivated in Gutian County, in Fujian province and wildcrafted mushrooms, such as Turkey Tail and Chaga are typically are grown in the wild forest in Heilongjiang province, along with cultivated Cordyceps Militaris mushrooms.  In 2012, Xingli expanded her business to establish a modern manufacturing laboratory, using the latest technology and standards to produce premium quality dried mushroom powders.  

Together, Dr Noel’s Mushroom Powders was born.



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