The best shiitake powder comes from the best shiitake mushroom

shiitake farm

Our shiitake farm in Qingyuan is surrounded by pristine forest

All Shiitake Raw Material Directly Comes From Our Farm. YES! WE OWN SHIITAKE FARMS!

In Dr Noel's, We believe the top quality begins with our careful cultivation of mushrooms and strict control of the manufacturing processes.

Our organic shiitake farm is located in the pristine forest region in the ‘Hometown of Shiitake Mushrooms’: Qingyuan County, Zhejiang Province.

In 1989, Professor Shu-Ting Chang, the chairman of the International Society of Tropical Fungus and the father of medicinal mushrooms, identified Qingyuan as the first region on earth to cultivate shiitake. Here, mushroom farmers spend their entire life to grow the best shiitake all over the country for over 800 years.

Internal view of Our shiitake farm

Qingyuan has a typical subtropical monsoon climate with an average temperature of 17.2 degrees Celsius and an annual rainfall of 1792mm.
No severe cold in winter and no sweltering heat in summer, short frost-free period and large temperature difference between day and night, provide superior geographical protection for the cultivation of shiitake mushrooms.

In our shiitake mushroom farm, you will never see fertilizer or chemical spray. We strictly follow organic cultivation requirements and only use filtered local spring water to grow shiitake.

Internal view of Our shiitake farm

Every year from January to March is our harvest season. When the gill of the shiitake turns to light yellow, the thickness of the mushroom cap reaches 0.5mm, and the cap diameter becomes 3-4cm, our shiitake mushrooms get matured. We apply strict harvest criteria to ensure only mature; top quality shiitake are selected for further extraction to powder.

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