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All Reishi Raw Material Directly Comes From Our Farm. YES! WE OWN REISHI FARMS!

In Dr Noel's, We believe the top quality begins with our careful cultivation of mushrooms and strict control of the manufacturing processes.

Our organic Reishi farm is located in the pristine mountain forest in Longquan County, Zhejiang Province. Mountains surrounded the farm bring in pure and fresh air, with an annual average of 17.6 degrees Celsius and annual rainfall of 1664mm, which makes the place the most suitable natural environment for Reishi cultivation and growth.

reishi greenhouse

Every year from January to June, we will produce Reishi logs that comply with organic standards and then bury them into the fallow soil, waiting for sprout and growth. We use local mountain springs filtered by multiple layers as an irrigation water source. Compared with farmland water, springs are free from pesticide residues and other pollutions.

reishi grow

July to September is the harvest season of our Reishi. From spores to fruiting bodies, we continuously monitor every growth stage and never use any chemical substances such as fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators and NO GMO!

When the cap of Reishi no longer enlarges, and the thickened layer on the cap edge appears, our Reishi gets matured. At this stage, Reishi contains the highest nutritional value for harvest. We apply strict picking criteria to ensure only mature, good quality Reishi fruiting bodies are selected.

After picking, the first round of drying is conducted at the farm to maximize the stability and lock in nutrients then it will be sent to our factory.


Our modern high-tech factory is situated in Lishui, Zhejiang Province. Here, all pre-dried medicinal mushrooms collected from our farms are sent directly for further processing.

After the first-round selection at the farm, a second-round test will be conducted immediately when dried Reishi arrives at our factory. The test includes appearance, pesticide residues, heavy metals, moisture content, polysaccharide level, etc. We only select the top quality Reishi for further deep drying, fine grinding and bioactive ingredients extraction.

Our factory's design and construction strictly comply with the regulations and requirements of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and FSSC22000 (Food Safety System Certification). More than that, we apply multiple filters to purify the air and water, which are used in the ultra-clean workshop to eliminate any possibility of contamination during the production process.

We use modern technology to break the mushroom cell wall, which is the only way to extract the most valuable ingredients: Reishi beta-1,3/1,6-D-Glucans and Ganoderma triterpenes, followed by Membrane separation and modern spray drying technology to get the final highly concentrated powder. A third-round analytical tests are carried out: polysaccharides level, microbiology, heavy metals and pesticides, to ensure each batch conforms to the highest standard.

We are very proud to declare that our Concentrated Reishi Powder contains the soluble β-1,3/1,6-D-Glucans ≥10%, roughly 7 times higher than average in the market.

Traceback to the origin; through more than 20 production processes and 3 rounds of quality inspection, we bring you the safest and highest potency medicinal mushroom products, so you can live life to your full potential.

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