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Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract Powder

Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract Powder

Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract Powder is a common "wood ear" mushroom powder that has probably been seen in old stumps throughout Australia with its stunning varying colours.

It has been used for centuries by herbalists from the past. Also, it is a plant with an impressive and well-known variety of benefits.

The Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract Powder is organically harvested. Along with Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract Powder, we have a range of other products too that we offer to our customers.

With our 50 years of robust experience, we have been USDA Organic Certified, European Union Organic Certified, Kosher Check Certificated, and Food Safety System 22000 Certified.

In addition, we have a range of interesting products such as Concentrated Mushroom Blend Powder, Turkey Tail Powder, Maitake Powder, Shiitake Powder, Cordyceps Militaris Powder, Chaga Powder, and Reishi Powder to improve health.

Dr Noel's Mushroom Powder was founded in an effort to promote awareness of the environment and increase the utilisation of mushrooms. With more than 50 years of experience, we continue to look for methods to offer you the finest organic Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract Powder along with fungal interplay with humans that improve sustainability and the renewability of the natural environment.

At Dr Noel's Mushroom Powder, we are dedicated to increasing the efficiency and management of mushrooms using products like Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract Powder for our customers in many ways. We're available to provide assistance and advice if you have questions about the most effective product to improve your health. We will help you locate the most suitable product for your requirements. Call us now to get all the details! Our many years of experience will surely be valuable.

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