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Welcome to Dr Noel's Mushrooms 101

Welcome to Dr Noel's Mushrooms 101

We are so excited to launch Dr Noel's mushrooms 101 channel!

Education is crucial to us and everyone. We keep catch up with the latest information and knowledge of medicinal mushrooms. Now, we are ready to stand out and tell the truth about medicinal mushrooms to the public.

Here in this channel, Dr Noel will share his professional mushroom knowledge with everyone. All these are for free! 

We will cover these following topics:

  1. The truth of medicinal mushroom powders. 
  2. The history of medicinal mushrooms.
  3. Various health benefits of varying mushroom varieties?
  4. Other medicinal mushrooms related information

One more thing, communication is the most important thing between you and us.  

If you have any questions about mushroom knowledge but can't find the answer, we very much welcome you to submit them here or send us an email: and Dr Noel will pick the questions and answer them. 


About Dr Noel Arrold

  • Microbiologist and mushroom scientist
  • He is the one who named swiss brown and chestnut mushroom. 
  • The pioneer in the development of the exotic mushroom industry in Australia for over 30 years
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